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Technical Rules

*  Technical Rules :

  1. During the trials, bowlers should move 2 lanes right every tow games
  2. During the competition, bowlers in even number group should move rightward after every game, and the bowler from the odd number group left.
  3. The technical committee looks into complains and protests its decision prevails.
  4. In case of line malfunction, a bowler moves to another line.
  5. In trial tie, the bowler with the highest score of the 3 qualifying games and in case continuation of the tie we should return to the highest trial for every bowler.
  6. In final step 3 ties, the highest game score bowler wins
  7. In deciding 4 top positions tie, the 9th 10th frames are repeated until it breaks.
  8. Other issues are according to the rules of the WB.

*  Tournament Condition:

  1. Bowlers should be at the bowling center half an hour earlier of the game time.
  2. Trial fees should be paid to the financial committee
  3. Trial fees are not refundable under any condition.
  4. Smoking and phone calls are not permitted in the bowling area.
  5. Desperados are allowed only for those who participated in 5 trials at least.
  6. If any squad is less than 10 bowlers, it will be cancelled.
  7. Matters that haven’t been mentioned in this rules should be resolved by the WB rules and approved by the technical committee of EBF .
  8. Surfacing is not allowed between games, otherwise the entire squad will be cancelled.